“I would have to immerse myself in the weird world of European racism…and wasn’t sure I would be able to stomach it.”
– Andrea Levy, 2010 (on research for The Long Song)

My current work examines the representation of mixed-race people, informed by my Anglo-Indian heritage. Pish-Pash evolved in response to conducting archival research, which showed Anglo-Indians as airbrushed from history or negatively portrayed. Feeding is the metaphor used for the familiar, unsatisfying, and sometimes sickening process where I felt starved of texts that did not regurgitate traditional narratives and instead swallowed data that was bitter. Pish-Pash is an Anglo-Indian rice dish, like porridge, that can be eaten as comfort food after it has been made digestible by being cooked for a long time.

Made in collaboration with Samina Bukhari.