Shibboleth Sari Weeks 8, 9 & 10

Feels like so long since I posted because of the strangeness of the unfolding corona virus situation. The last time at the mill (CDM) I practised some more free motion embroidery, couching, and applique with the chart from my 23andMe DNA analysis. The blues represent Europe and the oranges and reds, South Asia, and Africa.

Made a screen stencil at home for A. Malcy and the colour worked best on pale ground. Then I realised I needed to be at the mill with Taslima to put into practice the planned large scale screenprint ideas. Had a rethink and decided to go with small screen, applique and embroidery for the Mango-Teardrop design, as an experiment for now.

Trying to keep some momentum going now that the work is home-based and having many e-conversations about how to keep motivated. One thing that helped lift the spirits was taking some prints from the  garden (forsythia) and making a springtime painting.

Then the Anglo Bubblys arrived. Almost forgot I’d ordered them. In the 1960s, I used to think they were sweets especially for Anglo-Indians! Inspired by a YouTube video, decided to have a go at making a clutch bag from the waxed wrappers to go with the Mango-Teardrop Sari. Whilst unwrapping them all, I got 3  at once and blew a really big bubble. Just like old times… except I felt a bit sick after.