Shibboleth Sari weeks 3 & 4

Been immersed in shibori at home and CDM and my fingers are now orange and purple. Favourites are the nui stitch resist that suggests double helix dna strands and the circle clamp resist itajime methods. Jute twine worked the best. Also trying out some screen printing of mango and teardrop shapes for a half and half sari design. Thanks to Taslima’s tip, I’m doing a mock up on a figurine. It’s easier to experiment with half a metre than 6 of material. Then the figurine went AWOL and had to do a mock up of that out of a clothes hanger and a kitchen roll base, before I could drape the tissue paper design!

Started some samples of running and chain stitch (below). Will use crowded chain stitch (top left) for dragonfly wings for the genepool idea….