Shibboleth Sari Weeks 11, 12 & 13

Shibboleth Sari imagines a sari as a shibboleth, a device that alerts insiders to an external threat and grew from the idea of the sari as a symbol of Indian authenticity, conversations at the South Asia Gallery Collective at Manchester Museum, and my wish to develop a textile-based body of work mentored by Taslima Ahmad. The aim is to design and make a “half and half” / reversible sari, where the wearer chooses which half is hidden in folds and which half, draped over the shoulder. The Mango-Teardrop sari idea grew from a childhood memory described in the last post. So far I’ve screen printed some blue on orange mango shapes.

I finished the “Anglo Bag” (made from Anglo Bubbly wrappers) too. The pom pom braid reminds me of small sweets, like sherbet pips, that used to stain your hand and tongue.

One unexpected thing has been learning to stitch a sari blouse. (If it wasn’t for lock down I would have asked someone to do it for me). So I followed a YouTube tutorial¬† (many times) using some fabric dyed with a shibori “moon” pattern at the start of the project.