It’s Always But What About the Railways

It’s Always But What about the Railways features Michael Portillo, presenter of the popular BBC series: “Great Indian Railway Journeys”. In the series he guides the viewer with the aid of his trusted “1913 Bradshaw’s Handbook of Indian, Foreign and Colonial … Read More

Why Not Double?

This work ‘Why Not Double? ‘ Is my response to mixed-race people being described as ‘half’ using a mass-produced figurine to stand for mass-produced ideas about race. To quote @salenagodden: ‘But hang on a minute. Surely if I am from two … Read More

After Midnight

After Midnight  evokes Jawaharlal Nehru’s much quoted 1947 Independence speech which referred to India’s birth “at the stroke of the midnight hour”. It also references Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, (1495-1498). The golden cardboard crowns signify the unreliable and transient … Read More


Picnic recalls Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) (1863) and shows my aunt and cousins, as newly arrived immigrants, with English friends and partners. The positioning of their bodies suggests physical affection and intimacy and an English … Read More

What’s Wrong with Using a Little Lipstick?

What’s Wrong with Using a Little Lipstick? is inspired by the true story of Diana Hayden, an Anglo-Indian beauty queen who became Miss India in 1997 and Satyajit Ray’s 1962 film drama, Mahanagar.                   Hayden’s victory sparked a public row … Read More


        “I would have to immerse myself in the weird world of European racism…and wasn’t sure I would be able to stomach it.” – Andrea Levy, 2010 (on research for The Long Song) Pish-Pash evolved in response … Read More

8 Annas

A favourite photograph, captured in 1953, shows eight friends of my mother and it’s a continual source of inspiration. Working with this image has belatedly given me some time at the kitchen table with my aunties, who have been missed. … Read More