My current work explores how mixed-race people and relationships are portrayed and identifies the lingering presence of values and beliefs that originated in colonial times. One focus is the relationship between race and sex. Historically, the biological, cultural, and moral purity of a class or nation was protected or threatened by reproductive relationships and hybridity seen as unnatural and polluting. This theme has a palpable resonance with events, such as the Windrush Scandal, Brexit, and the resurgence of nationalist politics in Europe and the Indian Sub-Continent, that raise questions about race, hybridity, and what it means to belong to a place.

        The medium of collage, which involves a formal violence through cutting and then reassembling fragments, fits well with my purpose of unsettling the ways in which mixed-race people have been portrayed and their sense of continuity and belonging disrupted in the post-colonial period. I hope my work opens a dialogue about the representation of mixed-race people.

Selected work